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Pam Dion, Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder,Allison Dampier, President/Co-Founder, ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solution Pam Dion, Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder, Allison Dampier, President/Co-Founder
The Coronavirus pandemic caused education industries across the globe to face unprecedented obstacles, hindering the learning process for millions of students. Teachers, who have been teaching in the classroom for several decades, are now asked to turn to online environments. Many teachers, unlike students, have found it challenging to navigate through several online tools to conduct online classes. The education sector must embrace online learning and the benefits it brings to the table to ensure that learning doesn’t stop. ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions (ADLS)—a Nevada-based online learning service provider-- bridges the gap between educators and technology by empowering students and teachers with the tools to keep up with the dynamic landscape of the education sector.

ADLS has developed a platform that integrates educational content and faculty support to transform classes from an “in person” delivery-based model to blended learning and online learning models. The platform is comprehensive for grades k-12, user-friendly, and provides efficient tools for school management. This web-based system is utilized by students, teachers, school administrators, and parents either by desktop computers, laptop devices, or the ADLS Mobile App.

Allison Dampier, President, and Co-Founder of ADLS, while explaining the company’s mission, adds, “Our focus is to digitize the entire operation of an educational institute. Everything a school requires to educate students, and manage programs, is available in our proprietary platform.” The platform integrates most aspects required for digital learning, such as online curriculum, performance analysis, group discussions, and exams in one single place. Students can view their integrated calendars, check schedules, access coursework, and view real-time progress towards completion with a single log-in. In addition, teachers can monitor and grade students’ assignments, and facilitate progress on the platform while sharing necessary information with the students’ parents. The platform is cloud-based, so there is no requirement for new equipment or software. Users only need a login ID and password to access their dashboards and work in the courses that have been assigned to them.

The platform houses nearly a thousand courses, ranging from remediation to Advanced Placement. Students can enroll in core content, honors, and AP for k-12 programs and be placed into General Studies or College Preparatory diploma tracks. ADVANTAGES also offers a University Pathway Program for students who graduate with ASI and want to attend college in the United States.

The ADLS platform is interactive and dynamic, which enables students to switch or expand into other academic pathways or coursework that support their educational goals.

The flexibility of our ADLS platform, allows schools to continue with any variation of blended learning models going forward

ADLS continuously updates and provides the “Best in Class” curriculum to ensure students have access to the most current digital content. Every functionality is integrated into one platform, which saves the students, teachers, administration, and parents the time and effort to learn multiple tools.

Pam Dion, CEO and Co-Founder of ADVANTAGES, adds, “We know that no two students are going to learn the same way or at the same time. Having a learning environment like ours, allows for individualization for each student‘s learning journey. Every student can be completing course or grade level requirements and be on different academic pathways. Our personalized programming, and individualized learning plans help them achieve their academic goals, but on the student’s own terms”.

ADVANTAGES, throughout the pandemic, has witnessed a massive influx of students looking for online classes, and the company soon became a household name, courtesy of its versatile offerings. Dampier tells us, “Our company also established an online tutoring center for enrolled students needing support in filling learning gaps that inevitably happened during this unprecedented time for education.” The tutoring sessions are set up on a drop-in basis, where students can join the class when it was open. Students can also take private one-on-one tutoring sessions if they need additional guidance. Each teacher also has private digital rooms where students could join for clarifying doubts during office hours.

ADVANTAGES further customized the platform, integrating with Zoom, to help their partner schools during the pandemic. Schools and teachers of courses could continue course instruction using their own content and maintain records of content in the secure ADLS system. Schools are slowly looking to reopen, and online or newly formed blended learning solutions do not seem to be going away entirely. Dion adds, “The flexibility of our ADLS platform, allows these schools to continue with any variation of blended learning models going forward. This provides comfort of knowing that they can immediately return to full online learning without missing a beat.”

The ADLS team has a genuine desire to help students learn and achieve their academic goals. This is really what sets them apart from their competitors. Dampier adds, “When you call our office, you will speak to a live person. Even our President and our CEO are available to respond to queries. Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, and holds the same mission at heart.” ADVANTAGES DLS identifies itself as an educational institute rather than a business. ADVANTAGES stands by the idea of giving students and teachers the best academic solutions with world-class support.

Dion concludes that “Due to our comprehensive and unique solution, ADLS has been able to meet the needs of students and school partners affected by the pandemic and shutdown in over 35 countries. Now that schools see the power of having an online academic solution, blended learning is here to stay. ADLS as an EdTech provider remains committed to the evolving needs of our partners and students everywhere. Our response in supporting our partners during the pandemic is a huge example of that.”

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ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solution

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solution

Reno, Nevada.

Pam Dion, Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder, Allison Dampier, President/Co-Founder

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions offers personalized learning solutions for high-quality education by providing educational institutions with tools and resources to manage and support the teaching and learning process with technology and online education. ADLS was founded by a group of teachers and educators that wanted to develop a simple solution to offer kids everywhere access to outstanding academic content and learning programs, regardless of their location