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G Venkat, CEO, bitWise Academy G Venkat, CEO
Unprecedented Shift to Remote Learning. Since early March 2020, the entire world has been thrust into unchartered territory in every aspect of life. Many school districts have made the difficult decision to continue offering online distance education. Remote learning, which was once a supplement for students before the pandemic, has now become the mainstay. The concern is that most distance education models are not often guided by a teacher explaining a specific concept or topic of interest in a systematic way that builds upon foundational skills as the class progresses. While schools are doing their best to provide teachers with additional training so that they can employ novel techniques to keep students virtually engaged, traditional classroom instruction was not designed to suddenly adapt into a complete online curriculum. The future of education will not be the same as the world slowly limps back to normalcy over the coming months. The next-generation remote learning platform built by bitWise Academy complements and supports both distance education and traditional classroom education, now and when students return to school.

Homework Helper and Live Interactive Tutoring. bitWise Academy’s AI-driven solution enables adaptive and personalized eLearning experiences for students. G Venkat, the founder and CEO of bitWise Academy suggests that, “While remote learning has gained popularity, there is broad consensus that mere video lectures or recorded sessions cannot substitute the traditional classroom experience. Student-teacher interactions need more than just scheduled video conference calls to structure and enrich the learning experience.” To ease this transition, the innovative and interactive features of Homework Helper allows students to gain a clear and practical understanding of math, physics, and chemistry concepts. These tools reduce the time to complete daily assignments and test preparation by up to 30%,“The solvers and simulations allow students to visualize and interact with the problems making them easier to understand and solve,” adds Venkat.

“The bitWise Live platform provides an opportunity for students to select and engage with an instructor. These live sessions provide additional classroom instruction, via online collaboration delivery, to strengthen student engagement.”

Personalized Learning Assessments. bitWise Academy recently launched the Instant Quizassessment platform allowing students to test their knowledge and level of retention in subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, and biology. This on-demand testing platform provides access to thousands of questions spanning Common Core, Honors, and AP subjects,“The platform harnesses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to develop a cognitive analytic blueprint for each student based on his or her individual learning style, pace of study, and concept mastery,” affirms Venkat. Students gain insight into their unique strengths and problematic areas so they can improve their test scores.

Multiple STEM Tracks and Courses.

bitWise Academy’s award-winning immersive and interactive platform enables adaptive and personalized eLearning experiences for all students. Rather than providing a standard “one-size-fits-all” passive video-watching learning model, bitWise Academy differentiates itself from other eLearning solutions by tailoring course content and creating an individualized learning pathway for each and every student,“Each track includes several courses providing students with the opportunity to delve into and explore multidisciplinary applications of a concept,” states Venkat. Understanding that no two learners are the same, the bitWise platform adapts itself to the learning pace of the student.

Alignment with Common Core and AP Standards. Traditional Common Core standards define the curriculum, but do not explain the methodology of how these topics should be taught in a personalized manner. bitWise Academy developed the A++ Methodologyso that students can Advance, Accelerate, and Achieve superior problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. As students advance from elementary to middle school, they accelerate their STEM education and ultimately achieve mastery of multidisciplinary STEM and Advanced Placement (AP) subjects before they enter college.

Affordable eLearning for All Students. The idea of autonomy in distance learning allows students to learn what they want, when they want, in a setting of where they choose. Geography and access are no longer barriers to education with interactive remote learning. The mission of bitWise Academy is to extend affordable personalized distance learning opportunities for all students so they can avail of multidisciplinary STEM education regardless of age, gender or geographic location.

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bitWise Academy

bitWise Academy

Fremont, CA

G Venkat, CEO

bitWise is a next-generation AI-driven eLearning platform that enables adaptive and personalized eLearning experiences for students in schools and colleges. Its integrated Applied CS curriculum blends computer science with several topics in STEM, art, music, games, and introduces students to many tools and programming languages as well. The company believes that computer science education should be a fundamental skill taught to students in all grades and college degree programs and that students must start their exposure to computer science early on