Outschool : A Remote Learning Platform Shaping the Future of K-12 Education

Amy Jenkins, Head of Schools and Distribution, Outschool Amy Jenkins, Head of Schools and Distribution
Over the last year people have sought technology that enables real human connection even while many of us were living in isolation from each other during the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The world witnesseda proliferation of software and apps designed to bring people together in the virtual space. At the same time, schools needed to explore novel ways of learning as the traditional in person delivery methods were no longer available. School closures exposed a need for cutting edge solutions to enable high quality and engaging learning from home.

Throughout the pandemic, organizations have worked to build products and create experiences to meet this need. Many sprung up due to the pandemic or were the result of a 180 degree pivot, with little prior experience in making remote learning engaging, meaningful and fun. Outschool, an online marketplace that existed pre pandemic, was uniquely positioned to tackle these challenges.

Outschool stays ahead of the curve by providing state-of-the-art, interest-based remote learning to its users. The company prides itself on offeringa marketplace of over 100,000 live online group classes taught by highly skilled teachers in a wide range of subjects. On Outschool, the average virtual class size is between six to eight students, ensuring an engaging small group experience for the learner. “Outschool’s mission is to inspire students to love learning. We are a supplement to adistrict’s core programming,” states Amy Jenkins, Head of Schools and Distribution at Outschool. Outschool’s marketplace offers enrichment-focused learning and interest-basedelective classes. It also provides students additional support in areas requiring further help through small group intervention and tutoring.

Outschool’s mission is to inspire students to love learning

Outschool most commonlypartners with schools and districts through offering each student access to a set amount of funds to utilize on the platform, pre-paid by their school.To use their Outschool credits, students logontoOutschool and choose classes on any subject that interests them.

Teacherscan also use Outschool funds to support students who they feel might need extra attention in particular subjects by enrolling the student directly. Additionally, the company offers a service that works with kids or families to help them select courses from the broad list of the subjects offered.

The platformabides by the highest safety and regulatory standards, making Outschool an extremely reliable platform to partner with--yet another attribute that distinguishes the enterprise from the rest of the competition! Outschool runs on a closed-loop platform that ensures the protection of student data and privacy. It supports integration with third-party applications like Zoom, and classes are recorded for quality assurance and safety. Outschool’s teachers are all highly qualified, passionate and background checked, so that students have a safe and fun experience.

The company anticipates that schools in the near future will take the best of what happened during the pandemic to create exceptional educational experiences for students. “The pandemic has proved that online learning can be a powerful and impactful tool that schools canintegrate into the traditional school dayin order to create the best educational experiences for their students,” said Jenkins. The company has already scaled up its operations to meet the growing demands from the community. In the last year alone, the range of highly skilled teachers has expanded from 1,000 to 12,000. Outschool currently caters to 900,000 learners in 174 countries worldwide, making it one of the most promising players to revolutionize the e-learning landscape.

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Amy Jenkins, Head of Schools and Distribution

Outschool is an innovative education platform that offers a variety of engaging, small-group classes online. Unlike traditional classes, Outschool classes give kids the unique opportunity to explore their interests in-depth via interactive, live video by experienced, independent educators. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Outschool became vital to families who wanted to keep kids learning, social, and pursuing their passions. Today, Outschool offers more than 100,000 live online classes to more than 900,000 learners in 174 countries worldwide