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Maggie Haflett, Co-founder and Julie Woosnam, Co-founder, The Teachers AcademyMaggie Haflett, Co-founder and Julie Woosnam, Co-founder
There could barely be anything more vital than a teacher’s contribution to a student’s development and growth. A teacher should combine exceptional management skills with logic, creativity, child development, motivational speaking and more to help students develop world-changing ideas. For that reason, they can no longer overlook the professional development required to enhance their own teaching skills and broaden their range of expertise. Addressing this need is The Teachers Academy, an online professional training and coaching firm. “With our professional development courses, teachers can enhance their skills effectively and conveniently,” mentions Maggie Haflett, cofounder of the company.

The Teachers Academy is the brainchild of Maggie Haflett and Julie Woosnam, two sisters from Furlong, PA. A few years ago, Maggie came up with the idea of starting a professional training and coaching firm while working as a trainer for a company that undertook in-services programs for teachers. While Maggie was getting accredited in Pennsylvania as a trainer, she realized the need for professional development courses. She wasted no time thinking and co-founded the company with her sister, Julie. Since then, the company has been creating the most relevant learning content that can be used in classrooms. When Julie and Maggie founded the company, they intended to target teachers of Pennsylvania state. Later, they realized that teachers all over the country face similar challenges, and they decided to expand the company to 22 other states. “In our initial days, we developed courses on topics related to mindfulness and wellness. Over the years, we expanded the course curriculum and included new and relevant courses,” mentions Julie Woosnam, cofounder of the company.

The company’s training programs offer multifaceted benefits to teachers. As their courses are self-paced and available online, teachers can fit learning into their busy schedules. The courses allow them to continue with their professional development in a stress-free manner. The company strives to make the teacher’s learning process as painless as possible.

In our initial days, we developed courses on topics related to mindfulness and wellness. Over the years, we expanded the course curriculum and included new and relevant courses

For that reason, when teachers enroll for a course, they get a link to download it on the user’s computer as PDF files. The company uses a getting started page that walks the learner through the learning objectives of a course and ensures to provide a seamless learning experience. As each course comes with projects, assignments, and activities, teachers can apply the knowledge and skills in the classroom.

As the company keeps the course catalog diverse, both elementary and secondary school teachers can enroll in the courses. In addition, their professional development courses are considerably affordable when compared to their competitors. They can create a lesson plan or an activity and use that in the classroom to improve students’ learning outcomes. Teachers can upload such activities into The Teacher’s Academy’s account for review and evaluation. The company’s staff review them in a few days, evaluate the progress, and send them great feedback. Once the review process is over, teachers receive a congratulatory message for successfully completing the course. Teachers also need to take a quick survey before the company issues a course completion certificate.

In one instance, a retired teacher from Pennsylvania approached The Teachers Academy to enroll in the course. He wanted to maintain his teaching certificate as he wished to return to teaching later. However, as he was not an early adopter of technology, the teacher was nervous about attending the course online. But with our guidance, he enrolled in a rock music history course. “Within a week, the teacher called us and expressed his gratitude as he was having a fun time while learning,” recalls Julie. Later, the teacher enrolled for yet another course on mindfulness education, which enabled him to develop inspiring ideas for the 21st-century classroom.

Such success stories stem from The Teachers Academy’s commitment to bringing positive student learning outcomes. Almost all state governments well receive their consistent efforts to enhance the professional development of teachers. Currently, they are accredited in most states and are authorized to issue the IACET CEU, ACSI credits, TEA, and Act 48 hours, to name some. Moving ahead, the company is planning to launch a cultural diversity course and an English language learning course next month. With such courses, the company helps teachers come up with new ideas to liven up the classroom.

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The Teachers Academy

The Teachers Academy

Doylestown, US

Maggie Haflett, Co-founder and Julie Woosnam, Co-founder

The Teachers Academy is an online professional training and coaching firm