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John McCurdy, CEO, Studies WeeklyJohn McCurdy, CEO
“There is very real power in seeing someone not only learn but also exhibit passion in what they learn.”

This compelling statement by John McCurdy, a longstanding IT and education technology veteran, arises from his personal experience as both an advocate of quality education and an executive in many companies for over three decades. He believes that every person, at some point in their education, has an “Aha!” moment that defines who they become. Undoubtedly, McCurdy is spot on in his assessment.

Schools, universities, and educational institutions need to create an environment that empowers students to think critically for themselves and become the leaders of tomorrow. Several new learning management systems (LMS) and other education technology innovations help teachers create holistic learning environments that can encourage students to do this. With a vast pedagogical experience of over 35 years, Studies Weekly is an educational curriculum publisher that provides content designed to not only improve students’ ability to analyze issues and make informed decisions, but to actually love learning.

“Paul Thompson started Studies Weekly in 1984 to provide social studies materials for his students when he could not find anything engaging enough to make their lessons enjoyable,” said McCurdy, the CEO of Studies Weekly.

At the time, large textbook companies did not curate the writing curriculum to the students’ geographic area or incorporate a format that intrigued children, so Thompson felt the need to create customized content. Thompson saw this need throughout America, and expanded the company nationwide. Today, Studies Weekly stands among the leaders in the industry, delivering high-quality educational content for K-6 every week through its unique and engaging magazine and online learning platform.

Education is evolving, and Studies Weekly is evolving with it

With a Studies Weekly subscription, parents can expect their children to view education from a completely new perspective. The company’s core [i]curriculum consists of non-intimidating articles written in grade-level Lexile text to ensure that students of all reading levels can access and comprehend the content effectively.

McCurdy and his team work with educators to thoroughly understand the changing needs of students. These insights drive curriculum creation. With its slogan “Education Evolved,” Studies Weekly also offers Studies Weekly Online. Students can access all the necessary content whenever, wherever; this plays a key role, especially today, considering the dire need for remote learning methods due to the pandemic. “Studies Weekly Online is based on the same articles and images in the magazine, but includes further enhancements and extended learning opportunities,” states McCurdy.

Students can listen to articles, watch additional related media like history and science videos, attend virtual field trips, and complete assignments through a Google Classroom integration. Each medium includes interactive, hands-on learning through guiding questions that encourage students to collaborate and participate in activities that support project-based learning.

In light of COVID-19, Studies Weekly went the extra mile and offered Studies Weekly Online as a free resource to all teachers, parents, and students for the fourth quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.

“Prior to 2020, most teachers who used Studies Weekly focused solely on our print materials. But when teaching abruptly went remote, they shifted their instruction to Studies Weekly Online and were able to continue teaching their students with very little interruption,” McCurdy explained.

With such intuitive offerings for education, the company is set to revolutionize how people are taught. Moving forward, Studies Weekly is updating its online platform to be more convenient for teachers to use, thereby expanding its print and digital learning formats into higher grades.

“Education is evolving, and Studies Weekly is evolving with it,” concluded McCurdy.

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Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly

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John McCurdy, CEO

Studies Weekly offers K-6 educational materials that enable teachers to focus on where educators make the greatest impact of all: students